Martinique is a pearl lost in the Caribbean Sea and it is an easy destination to organize. This island belongs to France so when can go there without any visa, traveling just with the european ID, pay in Euro and do not worry about power adaptor. And that’s not all. The island is only 80km long and 39km wide, so it’s easy to visit even for a “short” journey.

But what you really do in Martinique? What are the main sporting activities or the most beautiful beaches to see?

Here’s a map that summarizes what to do!

Island’s activities

🌋         Volcano
🚶‍     Trekking
💨🏄‍♂️    Kitesurf
🏄‍♂️          Surf
⛱️         Beaches
🐢         Snorkeling

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Below you will find the article’s contents divided into several chapters that show you the best activities you can do in Martinique. It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer.


Among the things to do in Martinique there is certainly the hiking. Whether walking along the coast or venturing into the hills and mountains of the hinterland, this island has a lot to offer. Here is a list of the paths I have covered and some practical information.

La boucle du Vauclin ou randonnée Trou cochon


The path starts from “Château de Paille” close to UCPA headquarters where you have a parking to let your car. This trekking is gonna take you along the coastline by way of all the creeks (Anse Simon, Anse Maroquet), and you will get Vauclin’s point where you will be among some cactus and you will have a nice view of the village.

Then you’ll get the best viewpoint, “il belvedere” before to reach the famous Trou Cochon. To get there you have to keep going walking on the beach until you will get the mangrove.

From that point you have around and half an hour to come back to the starting point.

Practical informations
  • Easy, it suits everybody.

  • around 2h

  • 6,5km

Elevation gain

  • 162m

Presqu’île de la Caravelle

Martinique-Presqu’île de la Caravelle

The path starts from”Parking du Château Dubuc“. You have two options, a short one and a long one. I do advice you the get the long one, “grande boucle”, because it’s the one with the best view.

During the walk you will go through differents scenarios by alternating the forest and the coastline that offers some amazing point of view. I do warn you about touching or take shelter (if it rains) under the mancelliniers, cause they are toxic trees.

During the long way you can even get the lighthouse (around 30min more) or visit the ruins of “Château Dubuc”.

This trek will lead you to Baie du Trésor, one of the most beautiful bay of the island which is possible to get only by walk.

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Practical informations
  • Medium

  • around 3h30-4h

  • 8km

Elevation gain

  • 250m

Montagne Pelée

Martinique-Montagne Pelée

La montagne Pelée is an active volcano and the highest islan’d mountain, around 1.395 meters above the sea level. There are differents way to get to the top, starting from Prêcheur (Sentier de la Grande Savane), form Grande Rivière, form Macouba or from the first “refuge” at 820m on the “Montagne Rouge” (Sentier de l’Aileron). It’s the last route that I’m gonna describe to you.

The path starts from “Parking de l’Aileron” and it’s easy to follow. After few meters the route turns into a slope for around 1km until you get the fork. Here you have two options, either you go on the right towards the “second refuge” or going on the left towards the “third refuge”. I advice you to go down on the left because this is gonna be the hardest part of the trekking and it’s better to do it when you are still fresh. According to the weather the path can be pretty slippery.

When you get the third refuge you will have again a double choice that depends mostly on the weather conditions. If the sky is clear it worths to go up to the highest point “le Sommet Chinois” where you will have an amazing view. Otherwise you will keep going toward the second refuge. You’ll see that this is gonna be the easiest walk before to go down to the parking.

Keep in mind that this part of the island is often cloudy and it’s not easy to have a nice view. I advice you to get there in the early morning (starting around 7h) because the clouds usually come later. It depends also on the periond, I’ve been there in december and I’ve been told that it’s one of the cloudest month.

My last advice is to take with you a “windstopper” or a “keeway” because the wind can blows quite strong and it can rain at any moment.

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Practical informations
  • Difficult

  • around 4h30

  • 6km

Elevation gain

  • 700m


Among the things to do in Martinique you can not of course ignore the sweet doing nothing accompanied by a swim with mask and tube. Exploring the seabed and swimming with sea turtles it is a preview of what awaits you. Here is a list of my favorite beaches.

Anse Dufour et Anse Noir

Martinique-Anse Dufour-turtle

Those beaches are one close to the other one but they are completely different. It’s pretty nice to see the beaches one after another.

Anse Dufour is the beach where you can swim awith sea turtles, even if you can see them in Anse d’Arlet. This beach is really small and around 11am is gonna be overcrowded. I do advice you to come early, around 7-8 am before that all the tourist’s boat land on the beach and you will not have lots of chanches to see those reptiles.

L’anse noir is a black sandy beach with a nice seabed to explore going snorkeling.

Here you can find some facilities where to eat an get shelter.

Plage des Salines


La plage des Salines is probably the most well-known Martinique’s beach. Around 1km of white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water.

The beach is often crowded even if is big. I advice you to come in the early before that all family will invade the beach.

All along the beach there is a street with some facilities and full of restaurants where you can get some fresh food, as “chez Nadiege et Serge“.

Anse Figuier


Anse Figuier is a beautiful beach frequented mostly by families. It’s often crowded but it worth going there.

There are two good restaurants where you can eat with your feet on the sand and a sea view. If you are looking for a place to relax and have a nice lunch close to the sea, you should go there.

Anse du Diamant

Martinique-Anse du Diamant

Anse du Diamant gathers many tourists thanks to “rocher du Diamant”, a rock just 2km away from the beach.

Along the beach there are all the facilities you need, either to eat or to sleep.


One of the things to do in Martinique is definitely go surfing or just look at the surfers. There are many spots that have excellent conditions, although not always easy for beginners. Below is the beach where the national surfing championship takes place.

Tartane – Plage des Surfeurs

Martinique-Plage des Surfeurs

Tartane is the best village if you are looking for some surf. You can find few beaches that suit this activity.

You have two main spots: Anse l’Etang and Anse Bonneville (well-known as “plage des surfeurs”), near each other.

  • La plage de surfeurs is the beach where you have the best waves even if it requires good skills. If yuo are a beginner you should go to the right side wher the waves are smaller and the seabottom less rocky.
  • Anse l’Etang is a big beachwhere you have some facilities as a toilettes, shower and restaurants. The spot is divided in three main parts,  the one on the left advices to the most experienced, the one on the center which is the bigger area and the most exploited, and the one on the right where you can find a long and easy wave that suits most the longboard or SUP.

The worst thing about those spots, especially about Anse l’Etang, is the huge distance (almost 800m) between the beach and the shore break. If you are a beginner is gonna be exhauting.

If you need more info about surf you can visit the website GuideMartinique


Among the things to do in Martinique I finally included the practice of kitesurfing. Trade winds and paradisiacal spots will arouse your desire to try or practice this incredible sport.

Pointe Faula e Cap Chevalier

Martinique-kitesurf-Pointe-Faula-Simone grab

If you are interested in kitesurfing do not lose the Martinique’s spots guide that I’ve realised for you.