The TriderCamps are kiteboarding advanced courses, in France or abroad, which are organized with different formulas depending on the spot and the period chosen.

Adaptation is the keyword in kitesurfing.

This year, our goal is to share a unique moment together and to boost winter kitesurfing in the south of France.

Going out in warm weather and sailing in a swimsuit is most people’s dream, while winter riding is not such a fashionable trend. Nevertheless, it’s a way to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and energize your body.

Kiteboarding in winter is less comfortable but more rewarding, as anything that is achieved with a minimum of effort and sacrifice.
We are convinced that a winter session is highly beneficial for the mind, and it allows you not to stop your progress for several months.

Our Winter TriderCamp is part of this dynamic and, thanks to your support and participation, it will be renewed more frequently.

Here are all the details of our Winter Kite TriderCamp


In the south of France, in the surroundings of the TRiderLand HQ.
Possible spots are the Etang d’Ingril in Frontignan, the Pont Levis in Sète, Port Camargue Plage sud or a secret spot in the Etang de Thau.

The location will be chosen according to wind conditions and convenience for coaching, photo shooting and post-session refreshments.

The time and place of the meeting will be communicated the day before, but all locations are within a 30-40 minute drive from Montpellier.

Triderland Spot Etang d'Ingril
Triderland Spot Sète Pont Levis


Wind is not a constant pattern, so setting a date, while easier for the organization, may be counterproductive.

We have therefore opted for a “waiting period” of two weeks, between 01/01 and 15/01, and as soon as we have more visibility on the weather, we will secure two dates depending on the wind;
This will allow us to have more reliability to ensure a performance in an appropriate wind.

We therefore ask you, when booking, to indicate your time flexibility, in order to organize and form the group for the coaching.
We remain flexible. The only limitation is the waiting period mentioned above which corresponds to the photographer’s presence dates.

How many places available?

Max 6 people

Each rider must be able to ride upwind and be able to move properly on the spot in order to be photographed and receive the appropriate coaching.
It is the rider’s responsibility to perform the maneuver close to the coach and not far away.

The duration of the coaching is 2 to 3 hours, but if necessary, we will extend the session!

What’s included?

2x coaching of 2 to 3 hours

Professional Photographer

 Videos and photos Debriefing

Happy Hour

The program

The TriderCamp is organized over two days:

  • Day 1:

Meeting on site and briefing to define the objectives of each person

Coaching with a photographer who will take professional souvenir photos.

Drive to my HQ, where I will welcome you to share an happy hour and debrief the session with a video projection.

  • Day 2 :

Meeting on site and briefing based on the videos analyzed the day before.

Coaching session with the photographer

A beer to finish the session

A few days to retouch the photos which will be sent to you by e-mail!

How much does it cost?

The price is 240 € for the two days, so 120 € per day.

This is an incredible launching price to make you embrace our concept.

And that’s not all! For Christmas, we are offering 1 place totally free of charge.
To take advantage of this gift, you’ll have to enter our contest on @simotimpano‘s instagram page.

Why should you participate?

Our TRiderCamp is for :

  • those who wish to improve their kitesurfing skills (from simple transition to kiteloops).
  • those who need to motivate themselves and share a winter session
  • those who would like to have some great photos and video clips of the session.
  • those who adhere to our human values and want to share more than just coaching.

Our TriderCamps are designed to be a moment of learning, motivation and especially sharing, between people linked by the same passion.

We believe that events of this type should be recurrent in order to create a real community, a tribe, bound by strong values, where human relations are enhanced.

The decision to include an hapy hour is perfectly in line with this philosophy. Taking the time to discuss, to understand how the session went, to find ways to improve, but also and above all to share moments that strengthen the relationship and trust between coach and rider. Toasting with beer in hand, in the cold or in a warm room, is always a way to end the activity in a more human and stimulating way.

The presence of a professional photographer is often considered a superficial character until the results show up. At that point, the perception changes significantly.
Having professional photos at disposal, therefore edited ad hoc, not only makes our experience even more unique, but also allows us to make more accurate technical evaluations, and strengthens the relationship between coach and rider, which we believe in and seek to promote.
“The emotions felt are one with the images, you just have to look at them to relive them, without the memories fading away!”.

Coachig kitesurf triderland eleveight