Simone Timpano


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My name is Simone Timpano and I was born and grew up in a big city, Rome, and for most of my childhood that’s where I lived and I had planned to live my life since I had a family business to continue. Hence, all my studies were oriented towards that goal. I spent most of my adolescence following a process that should lead me to a “real” job and an “acceptable” social status.

But things turned out differently.

I slowly began to open my eyes, letting my personality run wild with the awareness that life is one. Above all I knew I wanted to be the one to decide how to live it. But to be able to take action we need tough, and at times radical, decisions.

Here are the choices I made.

3 Radical Choices


  • The first radical choice was to leave alone for a year in Australia, far from everyone, to catch up with myself after a troubled period. This trip has literally changed my life, even if at the moment I was not conscious at all!
    In fact, my studies hadn’t finished yet and, on my return, I spent two years aiming to graduate as soon as possible. During this time I was also working in my insurance agency which I later managed for a couple of years with my brother.
    But there was something wrong with me, I could hear a voice suggesting me what I really wanted: Simone, let’s drive away from a life that I you don’t appreciate.
    Yet the path was not easy, a lot of things happened, and my understanding of the world changed as time passed and I wanted to figure out what was best for me and what I really needed.
  • Therefore, I decided to take the second radical choice, to shut down the agency and leave for a journey without time restrictions. Fate would have decided for me. And so it happened, and together with my girlfriend we left for South America.
  • However, life isn’t always easy, and after not even three months I had to come back due to family problems. Once again I found myself stuck, a bit lost. And that’s when I discovered kitesurfing. The freedom of this sport fascinated me. Thus, I took a third radical choice without too much reflection, to make of kiteboarding an integral part of my life. I wanted to become an instructor. In the end, I found myself exploring some of the best places to practice and discover ideal places to improve my skills, with a target fixed in my head.