Why did I decide to create my kitesurfing school, Triderland, in a year like 2020-2021? Why start a new “physical” activity in such an uncertain time as this? What made me choose?

The questions are reasonable, and several times I did take a break to analyze the situation. But on the other hand, there was a more important question that triggered my thoughts: why should I give up my dreams and ambitions? And what for, to adapt myself to a life that would make me permanently unfulfilled? A life that goes against all my ideas and values?

So I’ve opted to take the plunge even though the time was not the best. The future will tell me if I was right or not

I believe that the main thing is to fight and that no matter what happens. I will learn a lot from it anyway!

But let’s come to us: through this article, I would like to write down the ambitions that pushed me to defy all the difficulties of such a complicated year, in order to give life to Triderland.

Why Triderland is born? Here are the 3 main ambitions :

1. To convey the positive influence that sport has on our lives

Sports, and physical activity in general, are essential to keep the body and mind in shape. Although my goal is not to make an apology for sport, I would like to highlight the fact that human existence is inseparable from physical activity.
A society based on efficiency and unlimited productivity, which considers the human being as a “cog” to satisfy a crazy production of goods at the expense of our physical and psychological condition, is not acceptable to me.

I believe that sport, or any physical activity, should be an important part of our daily lives. It is a concrete way to let off steam that helps us feel good, especially in this day and age when more and more intrusive and prohibitive decisions are ruling our lives.

Sport is also one of the ways, but not the only one, that commits us to find time for ourselves, to reflect and to nourish a passion. Sport is what keeps our body, which is the temple of our mind, in shape. If we let ourselves go, we will pay the consequences.

Kitesurfing is therefore part of this first ambition, which is to give people the opportunity to have fun and understand the benefits and importance of physical activity.
Dedication, sacrifice, inner well-being and better control of one’s body, sport is a school of life that confronts us with ourselves and helps us to grow.
The goal is not to compare oneself to others, but to understand one’s own limits, and to try to overcome them, progressively.