Anyone who want to visit a place would like to get more precise information about it in advance. Travel tips is the tag that contains all the articles with specific suggestions for the destinations I visited.

Kitesurfing TRiderCamp El Gouna 2022

2022-10-01T10:50:28+02:00Categories: BLOG, OUR KITESURFING CAMPS|Tags: , , , |

The kitesurfing spot in Egypt, El Gouna, is one of the most appealing places for kitesurfing training and coaching. Thanks to its huge flat sea areas, moderate and regular wind conditions, crystal clear waters, and especially its proximity to Europe, it has become a must-see spot. For these reasons, we chose El Gouna as [...]


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Are you planning to go kitesurfing in Sardinia and you need specific informations to properly organize your trip? I've already been in your situation and that's why I wrote this article where I analyze the most important factors to take into consideration to go kitesurfing in Sardinia, and I describe the spots I've [...]


2022-01-13T10:10:58+01:00Categories: KITESURF TRAVELS|Tags: , , |

If you are reading this article it is because you have already heard about kitesurfing in Venezuela and its paradisiacal spots, and perhaps even the dangers of visiting this country. For this reason I decided to write an article with all the important information to keep in mind when organizing a kitesurfing trip to [...]

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