Interview with Sylvain Morel, co-founder of Sportihome

What is Sportihome?

Sportihome is a new web-based platform which gather people who practise different sports that can help you and guest you as close as possible to the spot. It is the necessary App to make a great trip” The App is available on iOS and Android, it is an excellent combination between a spot guide made by the users and a booking website to find a place close the spot. With a few mouse clicks you can discover the best spot, by clicking on “go to the spot”, the GPS function on you mobile phone will take you there. And you can meet some sport enthusiasts hosts, who can help you to discover the spot with the best conditions.

How the idea is born?

The idea is born by our personal frustrations. Fred, my partner and kitesurf and SUP fan, owns a beautiful house to rent in Brittany, right in front of the spot. He wan’t able to attract any sportsman by using the traditional web-based platforms. So he got the idea to create Sportihome to focuse on sport travellers.

I myself am a kite and travel fan and I traveled in around 30 countries with my kite gear. After an holiday in Mauritius island at Eric place, a guy who love kitesurf and helped me to find teh best condition to surf on One Eye, I said to myself that I need to gather all those sport hosts together in a common platform.

I know Fred since 10 years now but it is since we realized that we had the same idea that we choose to Go for it!


How does it work?

Sportihome is the only web-based platform which allows you

  • to find some spots approved by the community
  • to find an accommodation based on your favourite sports
  • to book for free an accommodation with a sport fan guest

It is available on your laptot with an internet connection or on your smartphone through the iOS or Android App. The inscription is for free, as well as sharing the spots and the accommodations. We take commission on each booking from both the guest and the host. This allow us to cover the cost to develop the App and to secure the payment mode.

Sportihome - to find new playgrounds
Sportihome - compares offers
Sportihome - rent appartement

How do you join the community?

All the sports lovers are welcome. Our values are bases on sharing, on discovering new spots and on enjoying the sport itself. If you like them so this website is made for you.

As all the kiters you know for sure some nice spots, so do not hesitate to subscribe and to share them by clicking on “Share Spots”. Doing so you give useful informations to foreigner travellers who arrive on your home spot, and peraphs you will avoid some big mistakes as well.

Do you have an house, an appartement or just a room that you wish to rent close to a spot? So let’s go to and become a host. You can start welcoming some guest and you will see that you will have a great experience by sharing your passion with others.

Do you want to discover a new spot? So let’s go off the beaten track and book an accommodation owns by a kitesurfeur. And if you want to do oanother sport, on you will find around 45 differents sports.

Sportihome - inspiration
Sportihome - booking online

How many countries does the community involve?

Sportihome offers more than 20,000 sports activities to book online and provide 10.000 accommodation in 40 different countries, mostly in France. You can find your happiness in Mauritius island, in Brazil, in Colombia, in Portugal, in Spain, in Guadeloupe, in Martinica, etc.

The website has been translated in English so Sportihome aim to get much more destinations and keep going to federate the accommodation already available.

At the moment there isn’t any accommodation in Italy to kite. But We know the ressources of this amazing coutry and I think that we can together map its territory.

What are the upcoming goals?

We want to develop an online booking App who has all the expected fonctionalities for guests and travellers which required a big investement. We want to keep going promoting our offers all around the world, so we have raised 1M € in funds last June and they can count on the partnership with important sport’s brand such as Decathlon, Au Vieux Campeur, Strava, Suunto and Crosscall.

Now we have to keep going to federate memebrs, accommodations and increase bookings.

Thanks to the new App and the website already transalted in English we aim to develop a new promotion and a new offer in Europe. To do so we have to go through strategic partnerships as the well-known website Winduguru. The website shows at the bottom of its spot page an accommodation section where are available all our availabilities within a 20km radius from the spot.

Sportihome’s ambition is clear, they want to become the reference application for sports tourism throughout the world (a market estimated at 710 billion euros, or 10% of all international travel and tourism).

Few words from the ambassadors

Delphine Macaire
Delphine MacaireSup&Kite wave
“Sportihome’s main interest is to interact with our host. There are a lot of offers on normal platforms but when you go on a trip to ride, you don’t only need accommodation. We need to find a community around our sports and to be able to have the best information about the best spots in the area. It’s important to have a rider contact integrated in the local community because it allows us to save time and to meet new people.
For me Sportihome is more than a simple rental between individuals, it’s really the opportunity to share your passion and why not make new friends”.
Charles Brodel
Charles BrodelKite foil freestyle
“SI highly recommend sportihome because it allows you to travel with people dedicated to the sport you love. It allows you to travel with a local who will explain the rules of the area, the good spots to visit and also prevent potential dangers.
The main point for me is to be able to visit a person who doesn’t practice the same sport and to be pushed to discover a completely new, or less practiced, sport.
This will encourage people to broaden their curiosity towards other sports much more easily thanks to this combination of activities.
Indeed, when I travel on a kite spot that I know, I will preferably go to people who don’t practice it in order to discover a new sport”.

A big thanks to Sylvain Morel for his willingness and to share with us his web-based platform, as well as to Delphine and Charles for their testimonials