Sharing a passion with a friend is something, but with a brother you create a bond and experience even more intensely“, these are Seb Garat’s words at the beginning of the video.
How could it be any different?

Let’s start from the very beginning.
As often happens to those who make history in a sport, the juvenile environment is extremely relevant. The Garat brothers’ passion for water sports comes from their parents. They allowed them to travel and live in close contact with the water from the very first moment, starting with windsurfing and continuing with kiteboarding.
Their story is very special because it is influenced by the great gap in age, 10 years old, which forced them to follow two different, but similar, paths. They did not experience that symbiosis that may be proper between two brothers of the similar age, but they managed to shared a lot anyway, and that’s why their bond is so strong.

In the kite industry Seb needs no introduction, his palmares speak for itself. Given his long career as a professional kitesurfer he travelled a lot, and Val was relegated home as a supporter, and was proud of his brother’s achievements.
Seb has been a role model for Val, and part of the motivation that prompted him to start this career. From a young age he followed in Seb’s footsteps, playing and imitating him. It’s no coincidence that today he became the French champion in the freestyle category, and reached the world top 10 in 2018.

And as is normal, today we are therefore witnessing the passing of the baton. The roles have been reversed, Seb takes care of his school and micro-entrepreneurial activity in Montpellier more staidly, while Val travels the world to train and compete.
Both their lives continue to be dictated by the wind, and their goal is always the same: to continue to savour every single moment that this passion makes them live.

I’ve known them both for over three years because I work with Seb. By sharing moments of everyday life with him I have also had the pleasure of spending time with both of them. It is great to see them ride and worke together, as well as feeling their connection.

In the years they have represented different brands, but Duotone managed to bring them together, and they celebrated it by creating a video.

Seb e Val Garat, the KiteBrothers.