About the brand

Saint Jacques was born in the south of France in 2016 from the desire to offer a stylish alternative to a standardized world of wetsuits for watersports, transposing classic fashion to neoprene with an advanced design thinking and no compromise on performance and quality.

According to the brand, as the wetsuits technology evolved over the years, allowing surfers to stay longer in the water or venture into colder temperatures, the stylish good old days look of the first watermen was long gone.
The question they asked themselves is: why do the wetsuits on the market necessarily have to be either black or bright colored ones, with big logo?

Saint Jacques reacted by transposing urban street fashion for the first time (polo shirts, stripey jerseys, tank tops) using new technologies to pattern neoprene wetsuits. The innovative Saint Jacques collections are designed in France, using premium materials to achieve perfect and practical cuts as well as refined finishes.

Attention to detail is one of the brand’s characteristics: efficient design to make the wetsuit fit the neck, ankles and wrists, small holes to drain water, pockets for keys, embroidered logo, etc..

Their motto, Saint Jacques ‘Wet à Porter’, clearly defines their goal: let’s add style to performance.


Saint Jacques is looking for new collaborations in Italy

Since its launch the French brand has been very successful on the national territory thanks to the national riders endorsement and it has also been expanding abroad (Europe – Asia – Caribbean…).
But we all know that fashion has always been an Italian workhorse, which is why Saint Jacques aims to make itself known over the Alps.

Thanks to its innovative character, the brand is looking for riders (female and male) who want to play the role of “ambassador”, as well as shops that want to give a new look to their stock by including the range Saint Jacques as part of their products.

If you are interested you can contact the brand directly through the Facebook page, Instagram, or their website.

Tested and Approved

My name is Simone Timpano, I’m a kitesurfing instructor as well as an ambassador for different brands, and I’ve been working as content editor for kitesurfing.it.
I had the pleasure to test some products at different times of the year and I was pleasantly impressed. I tried them out while working as well as practicing water sports such as kitesurfing or Stand up Paddle, and I was satisfied. Few models but well made, either in the look or in the functionality and in the care of the details.

Filippo Orso, Italian surf champion, is already one of the ambassadors in Italy.


Saint Jacques Wetsuits’ products

Saint Jacques is specialized in creating wetsuits and accessories to provide maximum pleasure to athletes during their seasons, at any time of the year. Neoprene suits of various thicknesses, lycra, neoprene tops, costumes and many other gadgets that you can discover directly on their website.

This is a small summary of the neoprene line.
* Victor and Elliot models are no longer available.


Saint Jacques Wetsuits’ news for 2020

Saint Jacques wetsuits - Blue line

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Special thanks to the Saint Jacques team for their cooperation

All the pictures are made by Nicolò Timpano