The kitesurfing spot in Egypt, El Gouna, is one of the most appealing places for kitesurfing training and coaching. Thanks to its huge flat sea areas, moderate and regular wind conditions, crystal clear waters, and especially its proximity to Europe, it has become a must-see spot.

For these reasons, we chose El Gouna as the destination for our first international TRiderCamp.

The goal of our TRiderCamp is:

  • to offer a range of complementary services that enhance human relationships;
  • to develop a school dynamic that goes beyond beginners’ courses;
  • to ensure the follow-up of the progress;
  • to create truly autonomous riders.

Taking part in a multi-day coaching program in a place with excellent wind statistics is the best way to improve and continue your progression.

Voici tous les détails de notre TriderCamp kitesurf à El Gouna.

Kitesurfing spot in El Gouna

El Gouna is a kitesurfing spot with very good wind statistics during the high season. The wind blows between 12 and 25 knots.

In front of our hotel there are two riding areas:

  • The one for independent/experienced riders in front of the beach of the hotel, in deep water.
    At high tide and with strong winds, the sea is slightly rougher.
    On this spot, you have to know how to recover your board and go upwind.
  • The one for beginners, which can be reached by boat, or by kite for the independent ones, offers a 5km2 sand bank.
    A huge lagoon with shallow water as far as the eye can see.

The side-shore wind guarantees optimal and safe conditions. It is also possible to ride at low tide.

The kite club partner offers :

  • equipment storage;
  • assistance to the take-off;
  • monitoring of the deep water spot from the beach;
  • security service in deep water;
  • compressor to inflate the kite.

The dates of our TRiderCamp in El Gouna

The best wind statistics are recorded between May and September. We have therefore chosen two weeks that fall into this period:

20 August – 27 August 2022

27 August – 3 September 2022

The period is normally the best and the temperatures ideal to ride in board shorts or at most in shorty.

In winter (December-April), a long wetsuit is more recommended.
In spring (May-June) and autumn (October-November), a shorty is recommended.
In summer (May-September), you can go riding in a swimming suit.

Who can participate?

6 people

Each rider must be able to ride upwind and recover his board in deep water and position himself correctly on the spot area in order to be photographed and receive the appropriate advice.
It is the rider’s responsibility to perform the trick close to the coach and not far away.

The number is fixed at 6 people to ensure a better quality and a smaller group to progress and know each other better.

What is included?

  • Lodging in a villa

  • Transfers between the accommodation and the airport

  • Visa realization and payment

  • Daily kitesurfing coaching

  • Storage of your equipment in an individual locker, access to changing rooms, compressor, rinsing point
  • Professional photographer and videomaker at disposal

  • Video debriefing of the session

  • Quad bike ride and dinner in the desert

  • 5 dinners in different restaurants in the city center

  • Boat trip (snorkeling)

  • Equipment rental

  • MANDATORY kitesurf insurance

  • Air transport

  • Personal expenses

Coaching + Professional photos package

Ideal for people who already know how to ride upwind. Improve your skills with the advice of a pro and with photo and video analysis during the whole stay. Kitesurfing equipement excluded.


Why should you participate?

Our TRiderCamp is for :

  • those who want to improve their kitesurfing skills (from simple transition to kiteloops);
  • those who need to motivate themselves and willing to share a session or a trip;
  • those who would like to benefit from beautiful photos and video clips of the session;
  • those who embrace our human values and want to share more than just a coaching session;
  • those who want to learn to kite in ideal conditions;
  • those who are looking for a community to join.

Our TriderCamps are meant to be a moment of progression, motivation and especially sharing, between people linked by the same passion.

We believe that events of this type should be recurrent in order to create a real community, a tribe, linked by strong values, where human relationships are enhanced.
With our TRiderLand school, we wish to offer different services and to support our students in their evolution, to make them autonomous and to keep helping them in their development.

A Kite Camp is an ideal trip if you want to take advantage of the dedication of a coach and push yourself, if you want to learn in excellent conditions or if you are simply looking for a way to share sessions with other people, without a coach but with the benefits of someone organizing the trip for you.

In addition, our kite camp in El Gouna is suitable for those who want to ride in a swimwear, with ideal temperatures, crystal clear waters and moderate winds between 12 and 25 knots.
El Gouna is an internationally renowned place and is an excellent place to progress or to learn.

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How do I sign up?

If you like to join, just send us an email using the form on our contact page, send us a text message or simply call us.

To register, click below!

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We are excited to run our TRiderCamps abroad, and especially to respond to the needs of our more experienced students and to offer a service to beginners as well.

Independent riders who finish a beginner course are often stuck on their own and have no choice except to go out on their own or to turn to “supervised navigation”, which unfortunately is almost never designed with an instructional purpose.
And the same goes for all advanced riders, who do not progress and have no offer for them.

Joining our TRiderCamp in El Gouna aims to motivate you, to help you progress or to reinforce your autonomy, while respecting our human and sharing values.

We hope to see you soon, and if you don’t have the opportunity to participate this time, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss all our news and our next TRiderCamps.

Good luck to all.