When planning a kitesurfig trip, what could be better than a map providing detailed information on a multitude of spots in France and abroad?

On my website, you will find only a few guides of spots that I have personally visited at a certain time of the year. They are certainly valid but limited to my own experiences and to just a handful of spots.

To make it happen, you need a team with the skills, motivation, and desire to carry out a project of this magnitude, which is of great interest to the community.

This is why I give all my support to ZoomKITE. This site specialized in providing information about the world of kitesurfing is doing a great job in spreading the content and especially in reviewing all the spots in France and abroad.

An interactive map that includes industry companies, associations, weather forecasts, etc., is active on their website and easy to use. The map shows the different spots, presented with a very interesting and complete summary sheet.

Why this map ?

Each file, or spot reviewed, presents a description of the spot but also the dangers, administrative rules, possible wind directions and much more.

The objective is therefore to provide useful information, but at the same time to sensibilize the users to the respect of the regulations on-site in order not to damage the professionals, as well as the nature that welcomes us.

A truly effective means of preparing one’s kite trip according to the conditions chosen.

In addition, ZoomKite has recently released a new function: you can search for the spot that best suits your needs based on certain selectable criteria. Really good work!

Carte des spots de kitesurf en France - Zoomkite
Fiche spot kitesurf Sete Pont Levis - Zoomkite

know a spot, share your knowledge !

Those who provide these descriptions have a team to go onsite and find the relevant information, but obviously they can’t predict the constant evolution of a spot or its regulations.

So, who can provide these updates better than a local?

If you are an expert or ride often at a spot and have valuable advices, or you realize that the informations have changed slightly, contact the community and complete the descriptions.

Remember that a list like this will be useful to you someday, so helping to implement it will be helpful to you in the future.


If you are planning a kiting trip and/or looking for information on a specific spot, I encourage you to check out this site, and contribute by providing relevant information.