Do you want to go kitesurfing in Martinique and to know the details of the spots, or practical tips to avoid making the most trivial mistakes?

I’ve been in Martinique for three weeks and I’ve seen most of the spots and in this article you’ll find all the relevant information, as well as the rules to follow for each spot.

Martinique is a French island in the Caribbean sea, where it’s full of white sand beaches, coconut trees and crystal clear water. Martinique is not an exception and you are gonna find all those elemtns if you travel there. This verdant island offers loads of differents activities including kitesurf thanks to the tradewinds !

Below is a list of the article’s contents that allows you to focus on what you really need.

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In Martinica blow the tradewinds which are famous to be pretty constant. They blow pretty much in the same direction all the year-round, E – NE.

The best wind statistics are recorded between mid December and May.

The wind blows with an average of 10 – 20 knots.


The average temperature are between 20° – 30°.

The water temperature is around 26°-29°.

You can kite in swimsuite and lycra.


It’s adviced to take at least a couple of kites, giving priority to bigger size.

I’d say something between a 9m and 13m for a 70kg person.


February to April it’s the dry season.

July to November is the wet season.

Between December and January you will have lots of short rainfall during the day.


  • Good wind

  • Perfect for beginner

  • An huge flat lagoon for freestyle

  • Wonderful spots

  • Let your wetsuite at home

  • Loads of no windy activities

  • Limitate launch kite area

  • Main spot often overcrowded

  • Some spots are dangerous and just for experimented kiters




  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Flat


  • On – Side on

Freestyle 100%
Freeride 100%
Wave 0%
Big Air 30%

Pointe Faula is the main spot of the island and it is famous thanks to some international riders who came here to test it and thanks to its flat water perfect for freestyle. At first glance it seems small but if you go behind the mountain you wll see that the spot is huge.

When the wind isn’t not to light, this spot is perfect for freeride cause you can go wherever you want, enjoy the landscape.

The wind is mostly light and the water flat or a little bit choopy, so it’s not a spot for big air or wave riding but it can be nice to do some old school’s tricks.

Pointe Faula it’s a spot that suits everybody. You can easily walk in the water for hunderds meters which is perfect for beginners. And if you are try some new trick the conditions are perfect for it.

The water is mostly flat unless the wind get stronger and the ocean can become a bit more choppy, especially if you go further out to the sea.

Facilities : there are few restaurants and snack bar along the street as well as a kiteschool and public toilettes

Danger : there some palm trees on the taking off area and few sea urchin in the shallow water.

Warning : You should’n not cross the yellow buoys cause they protect the bathers area.

Pointe Faulta it’s a perfect spot for freestyle and freeride, even if it’s often overcrowded




  • Beginner