Los Roques is an archipelago located in the caribbean and belongs to Venezuela. It consist of approximately 350 islands, cays and islets protected by a coral reef. The water is super flat and crystal clear.

It’s one of he most impressive place I’ve been in all my travels. It’s not just about its beauty. Indeed, this archipelago is well preserved and there is a low to protect the nationa park : the “pousadas”, typical venezuelan hotel, can’t be built on more than 1 floor and there is a daily limit that control the flow of tourists. This regulation make the island livable, fascinating and not dangerous at all.

To get around among all the islets you have two options : you can take a daily “lancia”, small boat, from the main harbour, or rent a boat for the all day at around 60€. The second way it’s definitely the best to go around the archipelago and to exploit the natural beauty that this place delivers.

If you love kitesurf, renting a boat allowed you to go wherever you want, sail among the cays, get to the most remote islands and find the best wind spot with someone that is always looking after you to ensure the safety.

Any activity will be amazing: snorkeling, wakeboard, fishing, scuba diving, etc. It’s a unique archipelago that has to be visited.


The wind in Los Roques is different than in Coche or Margarita’s island. Here the wind is cyclical and it can blows for two weeks in row as drop for two weeks. If you want to be sure to catch the best wind you have to check the forecast before getting yor ticket. I did it and I had eight windy days out of ten.

The wind can be pretty steady and blows at around 20 – 25 knots. The 9m is the kite I used more often.

Then if you can take a bigger kite it can be useful whenever the winds drops a bit.. I’ve seen people kitesurfing with a 13m and 15m.

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Here it is the map ..