If you’re a kiter and you’re planning a kitesurfing trip, you’re bound to think of Egypt, and more precisely of El Gouna.

El Gouna is a unique destination, a small enclave built on purpose for tourists and to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions for water activities.
That’s why I chose it as the destination for one of my Kite Camp.

As always, my article is meant to provide you with some tips about this destination, based on my experiences and the spots I visited, hoping that it will help you.

Below is a list of the article’s contents that allows you to focus on what you really need.

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In Egypt, the prevailing wind is from the N – NW.

During the summer months, especially between April and October, the wind blows constantly and the statistics are very suitable. The best months are June and August.
The wind is lighter than the Mediterranean wind because it is a warmer wind. It blows on average between 10 and 25 knots.

During the winter months, the wind is less steady but stronger. There is an alternation of several consecutive days with more than 30 knots and days without wind.


The hottest months are between June and September, with an average temperature of over 30° and a sea temperature of over 27°.

April, May and October are also warm months, but temperatures may hover around 22-24° and the sea temperature, especially in the first two months, drops to around 23° due to the previous winter temperatures, and a “shorty” wetsuit is highly recommended.

In winter, temperatures remain pleasant, it is indeed rare that the thermometer goes below 20°.


The wind is not very strong in summer, which justifies the use of bigger kites, from 9m to 14m.
The best compromise is a 9m and 12m, as well as a foil for very light wind days.

In winter, a 7m can be useful.


Rainfall in El Gouna is rare and almost non-existent, especially during the summer months.


  • Steady wind

  • Beauty of spots

  • Huge lagon

  • No wind activities

  • Kitesurfing center on site

  • Warm temperatures

  • Excellent wind statistics

  • Presence of coral reefs

  • Tides





  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced