Are you looking for more unique and less crowded spots to go kitesurfing in Cape Verde? And do you need you need specific informations to properly organize your trip?

I went to discover two lesser known but more authentic islands: SANTO ANTÃO e SAO VICENTE, and in this article I describe them in detail.

Off the beaten track in Cape Verde you can still find unspoilt and wild places. For those who love adventure Sao Vicente is an island to consider for an alternative trip and away from massive tourism of Sal.

Below is a list of the article’s contents that allows you to focus on what you really need.

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In Cape Verde blows steadily the trade winds.

The best wind statistics are recorded between December and June, even if the wind blows almost all the year-round.

The wind can easily blow over 25 knots.


There are two seasons, one more sultry and hot between July and November, and one more dry and temperate between December and June.

During the colder season the average temperature fluctuate between 18° and 23°. In the hottest period between 22° up to 35°.

The water temperature in winter time can drop up to 22°, while during the summer it is between 26°-27°.


In Cape Verde is adviced to take small kites due to the strong wind and wave riding activity.

A 7m and 9m could be perfect for a 70kg person.


The rainy season is between August and October, which is also the hottest period.

The rainfall has an irregular trend, it can happen to rain a lot during one season and almost not rain at all the following year, as it happens it 2016.


  • Reliable wind

  • Spots favourable to waveriding

  • Wild spots

  • You can ride with a short wetsuite even in winter time

  • No windy activity in the neighbouring islands

  • Transports among the differents spots

  • Price to rent a car

  • Most of the spots not suitable for beginners




  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced