Going kitesurfing in Brazil is a lifetime experience. Each year the best riders of the planet go to Brazil to train thanks to it’s long cost stroked by the constant trade winds. The coast is so long and varied that you’ll find what you’re looking for, from freestyle to big air, from freeride to wave riding.

But how do you choose the right place to go, or the right equipment to carry?

After traveling for more than a month along its coasts I decided to write an article about the spots I visited that will help you in planning your trip.

Below is a list of the article’s contents that allows you to focus on what you really need.

But If you are looking for another spots to visit around the world click here, you’ll see some of the best country to go kitesurfing in and a detailed spot guide for each one.

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The brazilian coastline is caressed by the trade winds from E-SE.

The best kite period is from September to December, in this period it’s almost everyday windy.

The wind changes according to the place, in the north, close to Jericoacoara, it blows at aorund 30 knots, in the south of Fortaleza, close to Barra Nova, it is much lighter and it blows at around 16-22 knots.


The average temperature, especialy during the kite period, are high, around 25° to 30°.

The water temperature is warm all the year-round, between 27°-28°.

Yuo can kite in swimsuit.


The brazilian coastline is  huge and the wind it’s not the same everywhere. The more you head to north (Jericoacoara) the more you need small kites, as a 7m for a 70-75kg person.

If you stay around Cumbumo – Taiba the kite most useful will be the 9-10m.

The more you go to the south (Barra Nova) the more you need a bigger kite as a 12m.


February – April is the rainy season.

August – Novemebr/December is the driest period.

In Fortaleza you can split the year in two seasons: january till june is rainy , july to december is dry.


  • Reliable wind

  • Meant for everybody

  • You can practise all kitesurf disciplines

  • You can let you wetsuite at home

  • Downwind

  • Brazie is a kite trip to do at least once in your lifetime

  • Some spots are overcrowded

  • In some remote village ther are not many no wind activities




  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Choppy


  • On – Side on

Freestyle 80%
Freeride 100%
Wave 50%
Big Air 75%

Cumbuco is the closest village to Fortaleza and the one where all the kiters start their trip. The ocean is often choppy and the most practised style is the freeride. Moreover you have plenty of possibilities to do some downwind from Cumbuco.

Close to Cumbuco you have some lagoonsthat are perfect for freestyle. But they are often overcrowded.

If you want to do some big jump it’s better to go further north.

Cumbuco suits all level thanks to its on shore wind and the big beach with two kite schools. When the ocean get rougher it can be less pleasant for beginners. Keep in mind that in the ocean you have choppy water all the time, if you want flat water you need to go to the lagoons.

Facilities : Cumbuco has everything you need: restaurants, kite schools, hotels and pousada for all budgets. If you want a good quality hostel I advice you the Bada Hostel.

Dangers : spot overcrowded.

Warning : nothing to declare.

Cumbuco is a freeride paradise where you can do lots of downwind or just enjoy the huge beach. To do some freestyle you need to go to Cauipe, Tabuba or Taiba lagoon