Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, said Confucio. Do you agree?

I agree only in part with this. It’s certainly more pleasant do what you love, but it doesn’t remove the stress and concerns inherent of any job.

If you are looking for a dream job, I wish you luck. We have to be realistic and admit that in every aspect of life there are pros and cons, and so at work. But those issues depends on our own way of thinking and living, so any work can adapt better to any specific person.

Anyway each work hide some imperfections and limitations more or less easy to spot.

I often hear people speak about a kitesurf instructor as a way to make money being on holiday. “You are ate the beach, you do what you like and you earn money, not too bad“. For sure those people don’t know how many sacrifices must be done to do this job which it’s not always as easy as it seems.

4 myths to dispel kite instructor with boat

Now I’m going to unveil 4 myths to dispel about a kitesurf instructor:

1- You ride all the day long

FAKE. Normally a kitesurf instructor teaches and doesn’t ride. As any other coach he has to observe his atheletes and sometimes he can show the right movement. But we speak about few seconds doing some basic exercise which can not replace a good session.

Then how much time an instructor can spend riding on the water depends on many other external factors: the country where he lives, the school, the weather conditions, etc.. The more the wind blows constantly and the closer the school is from the spot and the higer is the chances to ride regularly.

Simone-kitesurf-Martinique-Cap Chevalier palm tree

2- You sunbathe while observing your student

FAKE. For sure  there some instructors like that, and in this case I do not wish you to go with them. In some countries we teach with more novices at the same time and I can assure you that we don’t have time to relax while sunbathing.

As in any other job it exists some relaxing and pleasant day, but also moments where you can’t stop to run from one side to the other. And in kitesurf when I say “run” it’s not an euphemism. To care about three or four people who could have a problems at the same time is a source of great responsabilities, psychological stress and it requires a lots of enrgies.

Furthemore kitesurf it’s a sport which it can be teached in hard conditions as strong wind and cold. In thoses cases you can let your sunglasses at home and keep you motivation at your best. Smiling on your face and let’s the lesson begins.

4 myths to dispel kite instructor with trainees

3- Who has a good kite skills can teach

FAKE. If this is true it means that anybody could teach any sports. Kitesurf instructor is a job. If you know how to ride it doesn’t mean you know how to teach. Not all the athletes are good coaches. For sure they can be facilitated by their technical skills in a specific discipline, but teaching is about empathy towards our students and be focused on two importants factors: safety and education.

Who has an advanced level often underestimate those parameters because he takes it for granted. But it’s unbealivable how the students can suffer from lack of concern while they learn how to fly a kite, they lose all the reference points while they are focus on their kite and this must be anticipated before it turns into a serious danger.

Furthermore if you don’t do it as a job you do not have the right gear. So you can learn with an amazing kite which it’s not adapt to you level or an harness not adapt for a beginner or a small board which don’t help you to perform your firs waterstart, etc.

But everything is possible. The most important thing is to be aware about what you do and the possible dangers.

4 myths to dispel kite instructor driving boat and kite

4- It’s a job for young people

FAKE. I know few instructors who are not anymore young lad. Getting older whe become wiser and she should be conscious of our limits. The most important things is to admit and recognize you physical skills and to be able to renounce or to limit the amount of work according to the weather conditions or the students skills.

4 myths to dispel kite instructor teaching how to launch


To be a kitesurf instructor is a real jobwith all its the pros and cons. Saying that doing this job you have a dreaming life is an understatement. It depends on who you are and what you love to do.

There are people who loves to be behind a movie screen, sho loves to paint, who loves to be surrounded by nature, who loves fashion, and so on. It doesn’t exist a dream job, it’s just about know yourself and find the best work that fits your needs.

To be a kitesurf instructor it’s physically and psychologically though. You can be often frustrated to see other riding in front of you with some perfect conditions while you observe your students, but as far as I’m concerned I love to be close to nature, breathe clean air and try to infuse my passion to people. it makes me happy!

4 myths to dispel kite instructor