There is only one thing more precious than time and that’s who we spend it on.
(Leo Christopher).

“The sun was falling and the blue sky turns into an amazing sunset, as if he wanted to join them and toast to friendship, to sport, to their passion for kitesurf, to their simple but unforgettable day”.

But more than the day itself, I feel like celebrating the adventure of a group of friends who, driven by a passion for sport, for kitesurfing, manage to keep alive their friendship and the love for nature.

Too often in life we are driven to make choices that take us away from people we love or with whom we have shared much. It happens when we are young and we have to change school, it happens when we follow a different university program from our friends, it happens when we get into work and move to a different place, and I could go on for hours listing other examples.
By giving priority to our professional career, we neglect our emotional and personal sphere, causing harmful consequences, which are not always detected in the short term.

We’ve all had that feeling, don’t tell me it never happened to you?!

And that’s why I’m happy to share the story of this group of friends, known as KiteMoss, who is fighting to prevent this from happening and to continue to share their passions, together.

In fact, sport, and even more kitesurf, is not only a way to feel good physically, but a way to stay in touch with nature and live unforgettable moments that go beyond the session itself.

But let’s come to their short but inspiring story.

KiteMoss the group

KiteMoss and their passion for kitesurfing

It’s a group of friends who lives near Lecco, on the Como Lake, in the north of Italy. They are all passionate about nature and sport, and they aim to share special moments among themselves. Thanks to their proximity to the mountains they start focusing on snowboarding and skiing, in fact one of them, Davide, is also a snowboard shaper.

During the winter they always manage to share carefree and genuine moments. But when summer comes, they lack that connection, that thread that keeps them together. So they travel, which is another great way of aggregation. One of their favorite destinations is Sardinia, and more specifically the area of Sant’Antioco. In this area, there is one of the most beautiful kite spots in Europe, Punta Trettu. And it’s right there that kitesurfing broke into their lives.

Some of them began the new activity, which was getting more and more popular even on Como Lake where they live. Some of them were conquered by the feeling of freedom of this sport, and so the passion gradually started to spread among the whole group, becoming almost viral. “We were and are friends even before kiting, but since we found ourselves united by this passion, a magic, a family was born. Between the sunsets of our Dervio and Valadrera spots, we started dreaming thanks to kitesurfing“, says Fabiola, one of them.

But here is the kicker:

The kite session goes beyond the simple sport, their goal is to be together, to push themselves to overcome their limits, laugh at their falls and welcome their successes. A way to escape from everyday life for a few hours and dive into nature and the simplicity of life.

That’s not all.

Their passion leads them to continue to share their holidays together, trying to discover new spots. Indeed, kiting is definitely a way to travel: discover new places, or simply return to your favourite spots. Egypt in March, Brazil in November are two stops not to be missed, but their heart remains in Sardinia. As Fabiola says, “Sardinia is poetry“.
It’s no coincidence that they’ve always found a way to get together in the last three years. Punta Trettu became their tradition!

I don’t know about you, but I think that sharing a journey also means experiencing difficult, uncomfortable moments. And it’s often in these moments that we create the best memories. What could possibly match this though better than a van trip?

This became their way to travel, and it is perhaps the reason why they love so much Sardinia. Carrying all their equipment in their vans, getting off where they want, sleeping surrounded by nature, dining under the stars and toasting to friendship. These are the ingredients of a perfect formula.

And I join them in a toast, and I ask myself: could anyone ask for more?

Kite Moss dinner
Kite Moss BBQ

Why KiteMoss, and what does this group mean? Lets’s speak Davide, one of the members

Everything comes from the word “Camoss”, a shout of encouragement from a climbing/alpinism group of whom one of the guys was a member.
But Camoss has another meaning too. Camoss stands for chamois, an animal symbol of the Resegone, or more generally of the Lecco mountains.

By combining tradition and hilarity, they managed to find a name that would give them an identity and keep them united, like a family.
Camoss became their way of pushing themselves to do better as well, a kind of game. At the scream Camoss, the rider has to perform a trick.

Because let’s face it, cheerfulness and smiling is a must.

But there is more.

Davide shared with me a deep thought about what this group represents for him, a reflection shared by the group. Here are his words:

“When asked “what does kiting bring to you as a group”, I would like to describe what our summer vacation has been like for the last two years. A particular moment of the year that is just the result of what we live in a more extended way on the home spots during the whole season.

Kitesurf brought us closer and connected us in the same mood. But what amazes me even more and continues to amaze me, is how this group has been able to create a perfect harmony during the experiences we live.

Holidays, as you know, are a holy moment, where it is not always easy to get along on the many days you spend together.
Our peculiarity, instead, is to be always in a friendly and extremely respectful mood. Even in those rare times when we argue about something, there is an extreme respect between us and a pleasant spirit of collaboration.

Our magic spell is a little bit like this. Simple mutual respect led entirely to the same goal: to enjoy the simplicity of life, nature and adrenaline that the kite gives us.

And the camping life we enjoy doing in the summer period is marked by that. We all help each other all the time, without too many schemes, without too many rules. A big family that cares about living together healthy and spending time together aiming to experience as much as possible what makes us happy.

And that’s how we’re, both in the van and in the water. Although kiteboarding is an individual sport, our team spirit is also noticeable during our rides. We always help each other, both to encourage the person to perform a trick, or to help him in difficult moments, which can be a board recovery or a broken line.
Perhaps the most appropriate term, more than a group of friends, is family. It is rare that such genuine bonds is created and this is what has happened to us in just 3 years of friendships.

Unfortunately we don’t always manage to be all present in these intense moments, but we try to compensate by keeping in touch and trying to share as much as possible stories, anecdotes, new tricks and then big talks about material, techniques, maneuvers and so on.
During winter we are somehow on standby, but then we are able to make up for it every spring. Always with our kites, always with our friendship.

Kite Moss!!”

KiteMoss the van
KiteMoss session

What do we learn from their story?

A bond of friendship that has been created over the years and that has been strengthened over time, thanks to the passion for kitesurfing.

Their story convinces me that a healthy sport and a well managed passion gives space to a genuine sharing of time and experiences, and increases the intrinsic value of a relationship.

A group of friends who keep the flame of friendship alive thanks to the freedom of kitesurfing and the lifestyle associated with it. A lifestyle that aims to experience life in close contact with nature, appreciating the simple things it offers us: a sunset, a starry sky, a light breeze that sets us smiling.

This group of friends, thanks to their love for kiting, gives themselves the necessary resources to develop a strong family bond. They plan trips together, discover dreamy places, sail at sunset, have dinners under the stars, protected by their wheeled houses. Without any claims but with the only desire to be together and feed their passion.

Their story stretches as far as opening up new horizons and job opportunities. Among them, in fact, there is a “shaper”, Davide. The founder of Comera Snowboards, a brand of handmade snowboards, who is currently expanding its domain of expertise, producing also kitesurfing boards. And I wish him all the best!

KiteMoss loop

The power to tell a story

I hope you enjoyed this story, that it conveyed something to you and that it could be a source of inspiration for you or your future projects.

And remember…

If you have a story to share, don’t hesitate to write me.

I’m looking forward to read your feedback and I’ll always be happy to spread true and genuine stories to help our community!