What’s Included in the price of the hydrofoil course2022-09-29T15:53:24+02:00

Safety equipment is also included (life vest, helmet, and radio).
Kitesurfing equipment (kite, bar, board, and harness) is available for rental.

N.B. Mute e scarpe in neoprene possono essere noleggiate a 7€/giorno. Primo giorno/prova gratuito


How the service is performed2021-02-18T19:53:13+01:00

The first step is to have a telephone conversation about the requested service and schedule the appointment.
Then I’ll determine which authorizations are needed and the minimum waiting period (1 to several days) for the service to take place.
The shoot may last one or more hours, during which the telepilot will be recording.

What’s included in the service’s price2021-02-18T19:54:54+01:00

Depending on the package you choose the performance may include:

  • Drone Mavic Pro with two or three batteries, and ND filters
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Photo and / or video editing

The service does not include music with copyright.

Can I schedule the service for the same day2021-02-18T19:57:00+01:00

It depends on the type of service. If the captures are in specific locations or at specific times of the day, authorizations are required, and wait times are longer.

Can I schedule a service more than 30 km away2021-02-18T19:58:37+01:00

Absolutely. Depending on the destination, the rate is susceptible to an upcharge.

Can I request a longer video or have more photos2021-02-18T19:59:58+01:00

At Triderland, we are here to help. Contact us and we’ll talk about it together.

How the course is performed2021-02-18T22:24:53+01:00

The basic course, both twin tip or foil, is limited to a maximum of 2 people per instructor.
The appointment will be communicated the evening before, but most of the time is at our headquarters in Sète.
The lesson duration is approximately 1h30 – 2h effective, according to weather conditions.
The spot is in shallow water.

How the coching is performed2021-02-18T22:58:49+01:00

The coaching is performed with a maximum of 5 people.
The appointment depends on the conditions and on the type of discipline, several spots are possible. We will communicate in the evening before.
The duration is about 1h30 – 2h effective.
Briefing and set the goals, coaching (with camera according to the spot), debriefing to identify what to work on.

How the cruise is performed2021-02-18T23:26:57+01:00

The cruise is on a 17-meter sailing ship, a hanse 545, in partnership with the company Happy Sailing.
The cruise starts at 10:00 am on Sunday and ends at 10:00 am on Saturday.
A maximum of 6 people are allowed (3 double cabins), but it is also possible to privatize the boat or book a private cabin.
The place of departure is at the port where the sailboat is moored.

How the hydrofoil course is performed2021-02-18T23:34:25+01:00

The hydrofoil course is limited to a maximum of 2 people per instructor. If there are two people, the course runs with only one foil to be shared.
The appointment will be communicated the evening before, but most of the time is at étang d’Ingril or at the beach of le trois digues in Sète.
The lesson duration is approximately 1h30 – 2h effective.

What’s Included in the price of the course2022-09-29T15:48:58+02:00

In the basic course is included the kite equipment (kite, bar, board, and harness).
Safety equipment is also included (life vest, helmet, and radio).

N.B. Wetsuit and neoprene shoes can be rented for 7€/day. First day/initiation free


What’s included in the price of the coaching2022-01-09T14:04:24+01:00

The coaching includes the briefing, the 2-hour session, and a final debriefing.
The use of a camera to film your performance is possible on request.
N.B. The equipment is not included. You will need to have your own kite gear along with the opportunity to test the school’s gear on demand.


What’s Included in the price of the cruise2021-08-11T14:01:15+02:00
  • PILGRIM sailing ship with experienced skipper
  • Meals and beverages (an additional charge may be applied for alcohol)
  • Sports equipment for snorkeling and SUP. Onboard we also have equipment for hydrofoil, wingfoil, and kitesurfing to test for autonomous riders.
  • Harbour and fuel charges
  • Access to Natural Reserves
  • Sheets and towels
  • Kite coaching session with Simone Timpano (3 half days of about 2 hours)
  • Photo shhoting by Nicolò Timpano


You must provide your own equipment to do the kite coaching lessons.

You can request specific shooting of your kite sessions, or anything else, during the cruise as an extra.

Are neoprene shoes mandatory? If yes, when and where can I buy them2021-05-25T09:34:02+02:00

When we are at the Etang de Thau, it is necessary to have neoprene shoes, as it is recommended to have them at the Etang d’Ingril.
When we work at the beach they are not necessary.

The school offers a rental service, 5€ per session.

Can we book if we are more than two2021-02-18T22:38:19+01:00

The school focuses on private and semi-private courses because it believes that this is the best way for student’s evolution. However, it is possible to accept a group of up to 4 people on request.
It will be necessary to contact us to find an agreement. A discount will be applied.

What happens if I book a cabin and the cruise is not full2021-02-18T23:40:33+01:00

In case the number is not reached to cover the total cost of the sailboat, it will be necessary for the participants to complete the difference, otherwise the cruise will be canceled.

Privatize the sailing ship2021-02-18T23:43:26+01:00

You can privatize the sailboat for one or more weeks. You can come alone or in a group of up to 6 people.

Who can participate to the coaching2021-02-18T23:13:36+01:00

Only autonomous riders who know how to upwind and recover their board perfectly are eligible.
To get the most out of this course, you need to perform a trick where the instructor asks.

Where can I leave my personal belongings2021-02-18T22:41:14+01:00

First of all, we advise you to come with as little stuff as possible.
If we are at the headquarters of Sète you can leave everything at our place, otherwise we will leave the stuff in the cars or in the school van.

Where can I leave the kite gear2021-02-18T23:47:11+01:00

There is plenty of room on the sailboat to carry your sports equipment.
We advise you to protect the most delicate board, such as tiki, surf, etc,.

I’m coming with somebody else who is not taking the class, can they come2021-02-18T22:44:20+01:00

It depends on the spot. Our reference spot is in the middle of the Etang Thau so it is not pleasant for anyone to stay 2 hours in this windy place.
However, if the chosen spot is suitable</