General Terms and Conditions

Microentreprise managed by Simone Timpano with n. SIRET 838 248 094 00016
Head office: 18 rue Charles Cros, 34110 Frontignan
Phone number: +33 (0)6 98 29 25 28
E-mail address;


The following general terms and conditions of sale apply to all services offered by Triderland, excluding drone services, intended for consumers or professionals.
Any service provided by Triderland therefore implies the unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale by the purchaser.

The conditions are applicable to all purchases from January 2021.


In order to participate in all nautical activities you must:

  • provide a medical certificate with the mention “apte à la pratique du kitesurf”
  • provide a mandatory proof of insurance/license covering the practice in a school
  • for minors, we require the written authorization of the legal representative or parents. There are also minimum age and weight limits of 12 years and 40kg respectively
  • to be able to swim at least 50 meters and be comfortable in a marine environmen.


Reservations can be made on the website or by phone +33 (0)6 98 29 25 28.

The school is entitled to refuse an Inscription or not to confirm a reservation for any reason relating to supply problems or difficulties concerning the order of the booking.

Each enrolment supposes the full and complete understanding and validation of these general terms and conditions, without any reservations.
Your booking confirmation will be considered as your signature and acceptance of the inscription.


The registration to our activities implies the payment of the indicated price.
Payment can be made on the same day of the service, but the school reserves the right to request a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the service to be paid at the time of booking, or at the latest within 3 days from it.

Any reservation not followed by the payment of the deposit at the latest 10 days before the beginning of the course will automatically release the timeslot.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash. The school reserves the right to refuse cheques and vacation vouchers. The school does not accept credit card payments.

For Gift Vouchers, payment must be made in full prior to service.


Prices are given in euros and include, unless otherwise mentioned in the offer, :

  • Kite material (wing, bar, board, harness);
  • Safety equipment (wetsuit, life vests, helmet);

The price does not include:Neoprene shoes can be rented (5€/day) or purchased (30€/unit) at the school;
Compulsory insurance to be subscribed on the website indicating the club number 2890Z. Below are the different options available:

    • Carte contact : 7,5€, RC 2 consecutive days (not subject to a medical certificate). Ideal for those who just want to try out or are here for the weekend.
    • License with RC, valid for 9 days, consecutive or not, within 2 months from subscription, 18,5€ (not subject to a medical certificate). Ideal for a one-week course or single lessons.
    • License with RC, for the whole year and for courses held in a school: 25€. Ideal for those who practice often under the supervision of a school.
    • Licence with RC, annual “primo licencié”. : 44€. Ideal for those who practice under the supervision of a school and independently.
    • In addition, the FFVL offers the possibility to take out different types of insurance: individual Accident + repatriation assistance, which are strongly recommended.

Insurance is not refundable under any circumstances.

During the kite cruises, Triderland will intervene providing kite coaching. Included in the price is 3 half days of coaching and the full availability of the instructor throughout the week for extra advice.
If the conditions are suitable, any additional coaching will have an extra cost that will be established and paid on the spot.


Any cancellation of the service by the client must be made by writing to at least 14 days before in case of kite courses, and 30/45 days in case of private coaching on a cruise. Otherwise the school Triderland reserves the right not to refund the deposit paid and not to reschedule the service to a future date.

In the case that the cancellation respects the deadlines or is caused by a unilateral and exceptional choice of the Triderland, the service will be rescheduled or refunded.

In the case of unfavorable weather conditions, the service may be rescheduled on a calendar year basis, but not refunded.
For cruise coaching services, the school is not responsible for weather conditions and no refunds will be given. A voucher for one or more coaching services will therefore be offered with an annual validity.
Any service started more than 1 hour ago is considered as completed, whatever the weather conditions.

The decision to cancel due to weather conditions is the sole responsibility of the instructor. The client’s choice not to participate in the course, except for health issues certified by a medical certificate, will be considered as lost and non-refundable.

The gift card is valid for 1 year from payment. This card is non-nominative (you may change the lucky person) and non-refundable.


All services are available on the website

For each activity that last more than one day, the appointment is communicated in the evening for the following day, at 9pm at the latest.
The time slot varies from 8h to 20h depending on weather conditions.
The meeting place is our base in Séte, however, Triderland reserves the right, depending on the conditions, to make an appointment in a different place.
It is necessary to check the phone, or the address communicated to the school, the same day and the previous of the service, because in case of unjustified absence the activity will be non-refundable.
The lesson lasts 1h30 – 2h depending on the conditions and how the course goes.

For cruises you will receive a brochure with all the details of the services once you have enrolled and paid the deposit. Each cruise may change depending on demand and weather conditions, so you will receive information about it.


Each student is responsible for the use of his or her own equipment, whether it is during a “course” or any other chosen services.
In the case of supervised navitation, the student is responsible for the rented equipment. The student therefore releases Triderland from any responsibility in case of damage caused to the equipement and others. If the damage to the gear is irreparable, the student will be charged the full cost of the invoice. If the equipment is repairable, it will be repaired by the school’s repair service and will be charged to the student.


No deposit is required from a client who books a course, however he/she will be held responsible for the deterioration of the material if he/she does not respect the instructor’s orders.

For those who rent equipment, a deposit may be required and it will be based on the value of the equipment.


All services are in compliance with the French regulations in force. Triderland cannot be held responsible for the client’s disrespect of the regulations or his wrong choices resulting from an error in the services (e.g. insurance) purchased.

For minors, parental or legal custodial authorization is required and the minimum criteria of age (12 years) and weight (40kg) must be respected.

A medical certificate with the mention “apt à la pratique du kitesurf” is mandatory.


All the elements on the website are the exclusive property of the Triderland. It is not authorized to reproduce, rebroadcast or any other exploitation of the elements without prior written permission.


The school reserves the right to collect and use images of lessons or other services for its own commercial purposes and to improve the service offered.

This information may also be transferred to business partners.

By accepting the service, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions and give your consent to use your images for such purposes.
If you do not agree, you must inform the instructor or school about this by written notice.